Training Diary – Day 697

An early night & some gentle stretching in my bed before a great sleep gave me the energy to get up for school today… Didn’t feel any aches or pains in the slightest!!


On reflection of yesterday’s Helsby HM effort, I am still feeling the elation of getting a New PB and feeling that I was strong enough to go faster. The help & support of #Edgie & #KerryK during the race was fantastic – giving me a focus & strength not to ease up or go too fast. The hardest battles yesterday were the urges to ‘Race someone else’s pace’ as we got into our rhythm – starting near the back of the mass start gave us the room to just run our own race. (All three of us chattered about the different tactics going up/down the hills, running on the flat and for overtaking other runners along the course.)


For the first 8km-10km it was all about just enjoying the run, having fun and keeping a steady 6mins per km pace – this was easy for me, as it is my natural running pace. Edgie & Kerry did very well, especially when I was telling them to slow down when they wanted to increase their pace to sub5.40mins pace. The confused looks gave me the impression that they thought I was just struggling or mad. All the way around the course I was giving constant 1km pace splits & 1mile splits – keeping the pace as constant as I could. By 18km we had a minute spare because of an increase in the early pace.


It was at this point; the start of the last big hill climb, the bitterly cold wind & rain, and the energy levels dropping, that the ‘Little Green Monsters’ in our heads started to get louder and louder. The battle was to just keep going, keep fighting, keep winning the battle with each stride. We had worked too hard to fail now, to give in or to fail at not achieving our target pace. The only way we would not achieve now would be to simply stop running – it wasn’t going to happen!! We did a great time and are proud of these achievements.


Tonight it was time for a ‘Recovery Run’ – or in my mind a run that isn’t as long or as fast as my normal running. (Often this is no where near a recovery – just another run.)


I decided to go for a local 5km route – mainly flat and one that is very easy for me to do. (I usually take #Charlotte around this course to build up her endurance, so it was good for me to do.) So much for a gentle pace though – 28mins 11secs and that was without pushing myself.

So the problem I have now is an unusual one for me – a few weekends of no events planned/booked. My next one is going to be on the 5th February – a 10km run. That will bore me silly, unless I have a look for another one in between the dates. I am though looking at a target time for my next HM – the Liverpool rock 7 Roll HM in May. I know I can run faster than yesterday, I have it in my legs and I know I am mentally stronger too.


“Sub 2 hours is the next barrier to beat”

In the meantime, it is back to parkruns, hill climbing, trail running, longer distances and of course my favourite Club session – Loopy Loops!!  Without these basic running sessions I will not get to my ‘Holy Grail’ for the HM. But most of all to continue to enjoy my running/training.


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