Training Diary – Day 695

Long day yesterday, resulting in getting home really late last night – no run/training!!


This meant that I was a little achy when I woke up this morning, legs felt stiff/tight and needed a bit of a stretch off. Only meant one thing – #ParkRunSaturday. My running buddy was marshaling today and because I was late last night, I tried to get a marshaling place today too – but they had all the duties covered. (That meant I had to just run today.)

I knew that I had to take it easy during the run, no silly last minute injuries, niggles, aches or pain – plus not to push too hard either. Tomorrow’s Helsby (4 Villages) HM Event is going to be a bit of a challenge – a few hills apparently. The last thing I needed today was to be stupid and over train.

Met up with #Paul & #Stuart on the start line and we had a bit of a plan. I would start near the back again and just run my own steady pace – thought about 6mins per 1km would be good, getting me around the course in 30mins, as a comfortable recovery/tapered pace. (Tomorrow I’m working on doing the same pace for the total distance – if possible.)

#Paul & #Stuart set off and soon went ahead of my pace time – so I just hung back and kept the same pace for the first 2km and got into my rhythm. It felt really slow to me, especially as we ran the 5km route in reverse, celebrating the #WidnesParkRun 2nd Birthday Event – lots of runners in ‘Super Hero’ costumes. By the 2nd lap I had caught up with #Stuart and decided to just buddy run with him for the remainder of course.

At the end of the run I had managed to keep a fairly regular pace – varying from 5.40 to 6.00mins for the splits. (5.54mins as an average pace per 1km – call that a good steady timing, even if still faster than I had planned.) My time finish time was 29.30mins and I still had plenty of energy left – so job done.

So, for the rest of the afternoon, I will be doing a little bit of work on my foam roller and then a relaxing ‘Hot Lobster Bath’ before and early night. Preparation being taken seriously ready for tomorrow’s event.


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