Training Diary – Day 693


The above poster is much nearer the truth than you may think …

After a hard(ish) 10km event a few days ago – plenty of steep hills around the course, I have been tapering off my running this week, ready for the Helsby HM on Sunday. I was ran a couple of 5km routes over the last 2 days, just to keep ticking over and ensuring my legs don’t stiffen up too much.


It was a Club Running session tonight, but that meant I was not going to do my favourite ‘Loopy loops’ route – with the gentle hills. #Kerry – run leader, had decided on a different route – a longer 1st loop which was mainly flat(ish) followed on with an extra shorter loop – with an odd hill or three.


With mustering during the run tonight, I managed to do a few meters short of 9km in 52mins – which I thought wasn’t bad for a recovery or tapered run. Plus I had the added bonus of a few little hills to the training session. A small group tonight but still a good pace & effort by everyone involved.


#FitBit STEPS for the day is 35,000+ so far and that was after a day of PE & training. So I am pleased with that too.


Tonight was bitterly cold with a wind chill factor causing your breath to freeze – that really does burn your lungs when you are breathing heavy. The roads/paths were also freezing over, making it quite slippery under foot. But that wasn’t going to stop us going out and completing our run.




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