Training Diary – Day 690

First day back at school today, after the Festive Holidays .. and it was much harder than yesterday’s 10km Event. Felt really drained today – mentally rather than physically, which I think was due to my having to think about the ‘To Do List’.

Anyway, an early finish – around 4.30pm meant that I could get home and sorted for work tomorrow, and still get out for an evening run.


So the message went out ‘Are we going for a run tonight?” to my running buddies … but No1 buddy ‘Edgie’ was resting an injury to his hip – so to have a fighting chance of competing in this weekend’s Helsby HM. So it was over to my next running buddy – Charlotte, who hasn’t been well enough to do any running for the past few weeks. To my surprise, Charlotte jumped at the opportunity – feeling a little bit down about missing the last few weeks.


Because she was just recovering, we agreed a steady pace and our 5km route – just to ease her back into running again. That was fine for me too, as I only needed a recovery run after the battle with the hills yesterday.

The pace of the run was just right for me, enabling me to do a run without pushing myself – felt quite relaxing too. Charlotte was working hard though, she was trying to improve her fitness knowing that the time was not going to be overly fast for her. We completed the 5km distance in just over 40minutes tonight.


Although it is the start of a fresh new week of training, this week I have to taper off the distances and the speed in preparation for this weekend’s HM event. I am led to believe that the hills will be as much of a challenge as yesterday’s course.



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