Training Diary – Day 689


An early start today to get to this event – about 55miles away. Had to be there early so to pick up my race/bib number – #145 and to meet up with the others from the #WidnesRunningClub – six of us in total, all out to conquer the hills.


We traveled to the location in different cars, but met up outside the main car park area. The Ladies traveled together and I’m sure they took the scenic route. Me, I was in ‘Wacky-Races’ mode as I needed to shoot off straight after the event – going to Liverpool to Referee.

#Fiona, #Penny, #Stuart, #Jim, #Kerry & #Me

The course was identified to us a few weeks ago as being ‘fairly flat with a small hill or two’ ….   don’t know who told us that but they were most definitely wrong.


This is the actual route we took – as you can see there was a small hill or two and also some pretty bigger hills to battle over. I have to admit, running up hills is a challenge that I like attempting and often include steady hill running in my training. But today’s course was as challenging as I have ever attempted.

I’ve got to say though, everyone from our little club did themselves proud – from New PB times through to personal challenges of ‘Beating the Hills.’ So a massive show of respect to #Fiona, #Penny, #Stuart, #Jim, #Kerry and a credit to our club.


Each and every one of us ‘Earned’ this medal today.


Afterwards it was on to my next physical activity of the day – Refereeing on the WPL in Liverpool, and a mad dash to get to the ground in time.


I managed to get to the game in time and despite feeling quite tired and a little heavy in the legs, I officiated the game well. I eventually completed another 11.2km running within the match and that really did use up the last of my energy reserves – ended up using the last few dextros tablets on the journey home.

Today my #FitBit STEPS reached over 38,000+ and that meant I’d done over 200,000 STEPS for the week.

Now it is time to just chill before my first day back at work tomorrow. This week I have completed 8 runs and a total distance of 75km – not including my refereeing today. This has been the hardest training week for me in the past 8 weeks – usually running 40km-45km per week.

All this extra training is good preparation for next weekend’s Helsby HM – a nice treat to look forward to after today’s efforts.




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