Training Diary – Day 688

Yeah #ParkRunSaturday …..  Soon comes back round again. This will be my 6th ParkRun event over the festive holidays – awesome!!!

Today was a strange one as I was under the impression that I would probably be doing it on my own – #RunningBuddies being busy elsewhere. So when I drove over and discovered #Paul & #Edgie already there – I was a little bit pleased. (#Paul brought his family to join in & #Edgie was running and then training some new marshals.)


It was like a gathering of the #WidnesRunningClub again today – #Jo #Laura #Sarah #Rob #Andy #Rita #Kathryn, the three of us and a load of others – too many to remember. The run started with the three of us running from the back of the masses, working our way through to are comfortable steady pace – aiming for around #sub28mins and another opportunity for a chat whilst running.

But by now I am sure you know the plan went out the window after the first lap – we started to just quicken the pace up and that meant we started to catch others too. By the end of the 2nd lap we had already got to a pace that was way under the target time. Our final lap is always our fastest one, basically pushing each other to almost sprinting to the finish line from about 600m out. (For some reason we don’t try to beat each other on the line – more like a test of who is going to break first.)

Our finished time for the run – remember ‘Run’ not a ‘Race’ was just over #26mins – which was most definitely not a gentle or recovery run as we agreed to before the start. The effort we put in was a good challenge, but one I could have really done without today – I know, #MeBad and my own fault.


Tomorrow is my first running event of 2017 and I will be pacing #Penny to a New PB for her 10km distance. I am looking forward to this, but afterwards I will have to shoot straight off and go to Referee a WPL game. The timings will be close but I should just about get to the game as required.


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