Training Diary – Day 687

This page will be covering the last 2 days, covering my training runs & my visit to see my gorgeous twin Grandsons – Alfie & Rory, up in Newcastle.

I thought I was going to struggle to get an opportunity to run, so I did a local 5km recovery/gentle run around my home – before the 2.5hrs drive up North. The idea being that my legs would ache due to the non-stop drive there.


Once I got to Newcastle, I was a little bit early so I went straight to the hotel and got changed into my running kit – decided to have a little jog around the Quayside by the different bridges.

I managed to find a loop that included a few little hills and did just over 3 laps – 5.13km in sub26mins, which really impressed me too. Then it was back to the hotel for a quick shower and then going to see Zak, Beka, Alfie & Rory for a few hours and see how big the boys have got since my last visit. A good night’s sleep meant that I was feeling quite energetic and planned another run. I thought I was going to be like ‘ROCKY’ when I first went up the steps  – but the 2nd lap I felt more like ‘HOMER’ but I still did them.

I found a few hills this morning – don’t look too bad at first sight but, on the second lap around them the legs found a stubbornness to want to move as fast as my body was telling them. I discovered that heavy breathing isn’t always as easy to recover on the hills.

I then spent the rest of the time in Newcastle with Zak, Beka, Alfie & Rory – before the 3hr drive home again.


Tomorrow is #ParkRun time again and a chance for me to increase my running distance for the week – so far I have ran 60km, plus still got to add the 5km for tomorrow and 10km for Sunday’s Garstang 10km event.   (All being well I will have ran 75km this week – my best training runs by far.)


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