Training Diary – Day 685


Never give up until you finish.

Had a much improved sleep last night, less time being disturbed during the night due to legs aching. But I decided to sort out an appointment for a ‘Sports Massage’ for this evening. A few weeks ago I had a similar issue with over-training and it meant I had a very tired few days trying to recover – lethargic & generally heavy legs. After the massage my legs felt really good and I soon got back into ‘proper training’ mode again … That was the plan for today too!!

I went an did a bit of shopping & running around ready for my trip to Newcastle to see #Alfie & #Rory – been a while since I last saw my identical twin grandsons and I am so excited about going up there.

Even though these little fellas are only about 12 weeks old, I know they will be representing #TeamGB in the Olympics in years to come.


Got a few bits & pieces sorted and then it was over to do a bit of ‘Alternative Training’ with my mate – Peter. He needed a hand doing some demolition gardening – just up my street, cutting down a tree and then tidying up the mess.


Then it was home, changed and time for a short run again – around the usual 5km route that I do with #Charlotte, not too long as I had to get back and showered for my Sports Massage appointment.

As it was short notice and the first time I’d been to see the physio here, I booked an hour session with her; explained what I wanted – how I was feeling and my running events over the next few days. To be honest, the physio – Sophie, was very good and certainly earned the fee today. She did my upper body extremely well and then focused on my legs & glutes – relaxing the muscles considerably.

Sophie works for PremierPhysio, in Runcorn Old Town and I would highly recommend her for a sports massage. I have told her I will be going back after the Helsby HM in 2 weeks time.


Now back home and relaxed – I am looking forward to my trip to the North-East tomorrow and will even be taking my running kit with me. Going to try and get a ‘Selfie’ wearing my #WidnesRunningClub top by the different Newcastle bridges …


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