Training Diary – Day 684


Today I understand why you need to include a ‘Rest Day’ or ‘Recovery Day’ in your training – especially after such a grueling run as yesterday’s Half-Marathon. I thought I could get up and have a bit of a pottering about and then the usual ‘Let’s go for a run.’

The term ‘Restless Legs’ came home last night during the night – seriously uncomfortable legs that I couldn’t settle down enough to go to sleep. Not pain or aches, just muscle twitches, cramps and stiffness that kept re-occurring just as you started to doze off to sleep.

A longer lay-in bed this morning than I had anticipated meant I would miss my morning run opportunity – no big deal really, I would just go a bit later. So off to the shops to look at getting myself a new Christmas present – New Running Shoes. A member of our #WidnesRunningClub had posted about a sale in running shoes in one of the big fashion shops.


I bought these in the sale and was really pleased with the quality & price … a bargain even if I say so myself. (I didn’t really need a new pair, but couldn’t miss out on this opportunity.)


Whilst I was there I noticed these #BadBoys and sent a picture to #RedRunningLady – pointing out that they would suit her – boy did that fall flat …. Talk about being ‘Shot down in flames’ for trying to save her some money. (I did also send pictures of other quality training shoes too.)



Anyway, after walking around the house wearing my new training shoes I decided to go for a very slow/gentle recovery run – about 4km I think it was, never took my watch or recorded the time. It was just for a bit of a #FunRun


Now it is time to use my foam roller to try and ease any stiffness/muscle tightness before I go to bed tonight. If that fails then tomorrow I will book a sports massage before I go to Newcastle on Thursday – need to ensure I don’t cramp up on the journey up there. May even be lucky and go for a run.


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