Training Diary – Day 682


“Happy New Year Everyone.”

I celebrated New Year’s Eve in my normal way of drinking milk and eating toast – sounds boring to some but it is a time for me to enjoy a quiet end to yet another hectic year – professionally & sportingly. Plus I can start the New Year prepared for my runs today.


For today was a special day – in terms of #ParkRuns. The only day of the year when you can do 2 different parkruns on the same day – #StHelensParkRun at 9.00am & #WidnesParkRun at 10.30am for me & my running buddies – #Edgie & #Paul.

As the designated driver – my choice because I wasn’t going to drink last night, I took us to the 1st parkrun and arrived early – the weather conditions gave us a minor unexpected problem; Cold, Wet & a Chilled Wind making what was already going to be a fairly hard course just a little more difficult. (The St Helens course has a long and gradually increasing hill, which is ‘climbed’ 3 times – once each lap.)

The event had attracted quite a few runners from other parkruns – at least 12 runners from our own #WidnesParkRun that I know of. As well as these friends, we met up with our #TwitterRunningFriend – @Dorastar1  – it was her local parkrun and she always puts in an excellent effort. I picked on her as I usually do and she impressed me again by running 2minutes faster than she did yesterday – despite just recovering from being poorly over the holiday period.

Although we had different paces, we still managed to shout ‘Goodbye’ to @Dorastar1 – as we rushed off to do our 2nd parkrun.


#Mike #Edgie #Paul & #Carl (sneaked in) – just some of the #WidnesRunningClub members that ran today.

Then it was off back to the #WidnesParkRun – detouring to a local McDonalds for a much needed toilet break and a hot cup of tea.


#Mike #Edgie #Paul & #Carl  – sheltering under the Bandstand before the start.


Then it was time to start our 2nd run of the day – meeting up with loads of other #WidnesRunningClub members – too many to remember but still great to see.

Still wet, still cold & the chill factor wind, we set off and continued to enjoy our running – singing, shouting & generally being hilariously silly. All around us were members of our Club, seems like we all had a similar pace today – about 8 or 9 of us in total – plus one from Warrington Running Club  (#TheDarkSide – #LisaLee.) running with her own buddy #HilaryAnne from our Club.

We ran behind these Ladies until the end of the 2nd lap – after asking them if they intended to run any faster – “No” was the response from #Lisa followed by “Enjoy yourself” as she waved us through. So we did and off we went on the final lap & a half. (To be fair they both kept up fairly well.)

Like at yesterday’s #WidnesParkRun, we decided to have some more fun crossing the finish line – yet another ‘Blanket Finish’ but this time we had 6 of us in a row ….  hahaha. What a shock for the Time/Position Marshals and their faces were a picture (the look of panic and confusion as they handed out the tokens.)


The run completed and time for the usual ‘Selfie’ picture. Left to Right are as follows;  #Lisa – from TheDarkSide, #Me, #Ray, #Hilary, #Paul, #MrsRay, #Edgie, #Roger & #Jan

The official times for both #ParkRuns came through as;

  1. #StHelensParkRun – 28mins26secs  (not bad for a casual effort on the hills.)
  2. #WidnesParkRun    – 27mins26secs  (again not a bad effort for a steady pace.)

So now that we have started 2017 – I would just like to leave you with this one last thought;




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