Training Diary – Day 681


Yeah #ParkRunSaturday – and I got up a little later than planned, due to switching the alarm clock off and rolling over for ‘Just another 5 minutes’ … Fortunately for me, I still got up in time to have a quick snack before my running buddy ‘Edgie’ turned up – slightly worst for wear from a drinking session last night.

Today was the #WidnesParkRun 100th event and we expected a few extra runners attending the event. On arrival, we met up with a few other running buddies – #Paul – also suffering from drinking with Edgie, #Stuart – just suffering from a lack of running this week and then #Peter – just suffering from flu. So today was going to be a steady & gentle recovery run for me and a few of the others – but #Paul forgot and did his own thing.

Much fun and hilarity was had by the 4 of us that stuck together – we just enjoyed a good chat and winding up some of the other runners we knew. Edgie’s gob was as loud as usual and he made sure he was heard – lol.

As we completed the final lap, the 4 of us decided to wind up the #Marshals at the finish line – we did a ‘Blanket Finish’, with the 4 of us all crossing the line in a row together and laughing. We also said to the marshals –

“Sort that out for times and places – lol”

all in a bit of fun. It really didn’t matter who they gave the placings to or what order – we just went out and had a laugh whilst running. Our unofficial time was about 29mins – a very gentle pace and one that was not anywhere near our PBs.

After getting my token, I went looking for one of our Club Female Runners – #Sarah, she was the recipient of some verbals from us as we ran around. I was going to pacer her back to the finish line but couldn’t find her. This was unfortunate for another female runner – as I just ‘Told’ her I would run the last 2/3rds of the lap with her……   No idea who she was but she didn’t argue when I told her to run faster – lol.


Now that I have completed my last run for 2016; it will be time to chill for the last hours of 2016 – before I embark on the start of my running for 2017. Tomorrow there are 2 x #ParkRuns that I will be completing – #StHelensParkRun at 9.00am and then #WidnesParkRun at 10.30am.  What a wonderful start to the New Year.


To all my Friends, Running Buddies, Club Runners and their Families – I would like to wish you the very best for 2017 and hope your dreams come true.

“Happy New Year”


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