Training Diary – Day 679

#17MonthsOfPainHavePassed – reviewing my journey and came across some sights. 1st Pic was day before surgery – 2nd last Christmas – 3rd was last night.  A ‘Then’ & ‘Now’?

Had a great lay-in this morning, feeling really good when I got up and no aches or stiffness in my legs. This was a little surprising because of the run we did yesterday included a fair bit of hill work along the course – small & sharp at times, but still making us work hard to do them.

Tonight’s run was the last Club Run Session of 2016 and included my favourite route of the ‘Loopy Loops’ and the steady climb of the ‘Hill’ – long and gradual at the end of the lap (think it is about 1.5km long in total.)


So off to meet up with the other Club Members planning on running the route, about 17 of us in total splitting into 3 different groups. I remained with the ‘Steady’ group and that is were I can get on with doing more mustering back at my own pace but still manage increase my distances. The loops are the same distance, but it is the ability to run ahead of the others in the group and then muster back, that enabled me to gain the extra distance – I just love increasing my pace during the last hill on each lap. The majority of the group did 2 loops and then called it a day – but #Kerry, Myself & I think it was #Phil, decided on the extra 3rd loop – trying to burn up the added Christmas calories whilst we could.

In total I completed just shy of 12km tonight, 11.85km or 7.3miles, in 67mins and it felt good after last night’s 10km run too. I was feeling good during the runs and although slightly different in the running conditions tonight, less frozen & slippery, it was still a challenge in the freezing temperatures.

Now that the Club Running Sessions have finished for 2016, it is time to focus on the weekend’s 3 x #ParkRuns – the added treat of boosting up my runs total. In addition to this, I have also registered for the Garstang 10km run in 10 days time, I’m going to be #Penny’s pacer for her to hit sub60mins.


#FitBit total for today in 33,000+ STEPS again – 2 days on the trot.


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