Training Diary – Day 678

What a wonderful couple of days I’ve had enjoying the opportunity of a restful period. Still training but also ensuring a good recovery too.

#2YearAnniversary – 28/12/14 was the date I sustained my knee injury. Today I celebrated it by doing a 10km run. #MeBad.

The run was #ChristmasLightsTour Part2 and a Club run around the local area, planning to stop off at one of the pubs at the end. But because of the weather conditions, the slippery surfaces and the group numbers – it was decided to just add a little extra distance to the run and then go straight home.

Halfway round the route we stopped off at a house that was ‘MEGA’ covered in Christmas Lights etc – doing it for a local charity and it looked fantastic. One of the Club Members videoed our arriving LIVE and posted it on Facebook.


We then had two other members join up with us at this point and continued on with the run around the rest of the course. The conditions got a little more difficult as the temperature dropped further – the freezing breath out of our mouths also burned the lungs. Surprisingly, the sweat still came out and the salt stung my eyes – but I wasn’t feeling the cold, other than my finger tips.


When I finally got home, I was shattered and frozen to the bone. I had to thaw out quickly as I prepped my tea – Sweet Chilli Chicken that was cooking whilst I was out running. It was lovely even if I say so myself.

My #FitBit Steps reached 35,000+ for the day and I was impressed with that too. Tomorrow is another Club Run Session and my favourite one – The ‘Loops’ route.


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