Training Diary – Day 675


First and foremost may I offer you a Merry Christmas on this day. I hope You & Yours have a wonderful day, whatever way you celebrate it.


For me, it is just another day to train and run on. I enjoy spending my time exercising and looking for opportunities to do some extra running – like today’s #ChristmasDayParkRun. What a wonderful gesture by the Volunteers & Organisers – to have 2 #ParkRuns in 2 days.

Yesterday it was the 3 of us running but today, I was being just a ‘Lone-Runner’ and had to work on my own pace. (Yesterday was sub26mins to complete the course, using the other two as a guide for the pace.) My aim was to see if I could just run a steady but comfortable pace for me – well that was the idea. As there wasn’t as many runners as usual, which was expected because of Christmas Day, I still started at the back of the masses but got closer to the front quicker than I intended – without pushing too hard.

The laps seemed to be going slow though, with the Lead Runners catching me up within 2 laps – sometimes it happens around 2.5 laps with the front 2 or 3 runners. Today it was earlier and I though my pace was well off yesterday’s.  This resulted in me increasing my pace for the last lap to try and catch up a little time.


By the end of the run I was ‘Blowing a fair bit’ and felt that I had taken it too easy for the first 3km+, so wasn’t expecting to be happy with my time – the #Garmin showed 26.04secs to my surprise, which was only a few seconds off yesterday’s time. I was really surprised by this, knowing that I had took it really easy on 2 laps. Just goes to show that I have much more in my legs to give, increasing my speed will be a focus for 2017 and to get sub25mins within a few weeks.

When the official results came through later, I was a few seconds slower – but that wasn’t a problem. However, I was really pleased at the comments within it:

“You came 2nd in your age category.”

although not a New PB – I am well impressed and not bothered if not as many running today. Not bad for an ‘Old, Fat Man.’ You have to be in it to win it ….

Now that is done and dusted for today, it is time for me to relax and enjoy my own Christmas Day.

I would just like to finish today’s blog with #ChristmasDayParkRun – yeah thanks to everyone involved. Best Wishes & A Merry Christmas to you all, my ‘Running Buddies’ and all my ‘Friends’ in Widnes Running Club – it has been EMOTIONAL.

Now it is time to just Rest, Reflect & Recover ready to start all over again for 2017




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