Training Diary – Day 674


Yeah!!!!!  #ParkRunSaturday …. 

After my rest day yesterday I was raring to go today – full of excitement and enthusiasm to run. (In reality, still tired, a bit of a sniffle and checking the weather reports for when I was out. Running Buddy – Edgie turned up to drive today and it was game on. The park run awaits and we looked likely to just complete the run to clock up the number.

Despite the chilly & wet weather, there was a great turn out of other runners – some fancy dressed, others in normal running kit. We met up with Running Buddy No2 ‘Paul Busow’ and chattered with loads of others we knew – quite a social gathering really – with lots of Widnes Running Club Members there too.


The usual discussion took place; ‘What are we aiming for today – a time or just completing?’ and as usual it was ‘Let’s see how we go.’  (I’ve found this tends to mean a faster time but depends if we have the energy on the last lap to get a PB.)

Edgie was obviously feeling better than he thought, he was off and into racing mode fairly quickly, whilst Paul & I just tried to keep up with him. (I knew it was a faster pace than we had planned because I usually have a chat as we run the 1st lap – not not today.) Both Paul & I struggled to keep his pace. The 2nd lap was a little easier, as we managed to get into our running pace – I always tend to run faster on the 2nd lap too.

By the time we got to do the 3rd lap it was ‘Race On’ and the pace was obviously not at out agreed 28mins – 29mins. We all worked hard to keep the pace going and to improve our times – not as New PBs but to just finish on a sprint/extended run in.  At the end, there was only about 15secs between the 3 of us and it was a good effort all round – though the recovery period seemed to be a lots shorter than usual. The temperature was definitely a factor today, damp & chilly caused an increased pace.


The unofficial time for us was sub26mins and that felt quite slow whilst we were running it. But we would take that as a time. When the official time came through it was great news for Edgie, as he had ran a New PB – without realising it and he was well pleased. I was happy with my own time, finishing in front of the other 2 – so I need to aim for a New PB over the next few weeks – sub25mins would be a great effort.

For the rest of today I will be chilling, enjoying Christmas Eve and then preparing for tomorrow’s extra ParkRun on Christmas Day. I have bought a little pressie to share with the volunteers tomorrow, for giving up their time so I can run again.

#FitBit STEPS for the week is a staggering 170,000+ Steps and I can honestly say I am starting to feel them all in my legs today.


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