Training Diary – Day 673

Finally finished school tonight for a well earned rest … that is also much needed too. Got home and had planned to do a run with my training buddy – Edgie …  BUT!!!  after sitting down and having a cup of tea and a bit of a relax, I have found myself feeling very tired and a bit snuffly. Plus the thought of going running through ‘Story Barbara’ and her high winds & heavy rain has made me think twice.


Therefore, I have taken the unusual decision tonight to give myself a night off training ….  WIMP … I hear you say!! Not in the slightest, merely a strategic plan to ensure I am fit enough to run at tomorrows park run and well enough to do the other runs planned. I don’t see the point in getting ill for no apparent benefit so that I can say I still ran. I will do some weight training at hoe on my multi-gym to keep warm & dry too. (Followed by some foam roller work on my legs.

So, “from me to you” as the Chuckle Brothers used to say … I wish you all a Merry Christmas and enjoy the weekend of festivities. I will be running tomorrow at the #ParkRun.


On another note – My #Fitbit STEPS total for the day so far is 26,000+ Steps.



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