Training Diary – Day 671


Widnes Running Club Run tonight – involving a route to see some of the Christmas lights around the town, at the same time as visiting a few pubs along the way. My running buddy – Edgie & I decided that this would be a giggle to do; dressing up with Santa stuff & twinkling lights and running between pubs on the route….   Takes a certain type of commitment to do this too.

The group met up and we had about 20+ runners, all looking good with their lights/hats on. The idea was to visit some of the best houses/shops that had decorated their place with the Christmas themed displays. To be fair some really good ones along the way and an opportunity for some photos to be taken. Then on to the next one a bit further along the route – or in our case a pub. Group rest stop was the order of the day and a quick drink – I had 2 small milk drinks and enjoyed them as well.


For the rest of the run, which was a lot further than anticipated, we ran around the newer parts of Widnes – through some pleasant housing areas and along the pathways. In total we ran over 11km with mustering back at various points – possibly a little more, as my garmin didn’t register all the route.

When we returned back to the start point, another pub, we all went in side for a warm & another drink – coke for me & Edgie this time. It soon became time for a quick drive home and a warm up – legs & muscles stiffening up in the pub and tummy was rumbling. I was very pleased with our effort tonight and how the group mustered back to look after each other.

#FitBit STEPS for today is 28,000+ and it feels like that too.


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