Training Diary – Day 668

To finish yesterday off, after training I went and visited family up in Preston for a few hours, before Christmas got too busy. The journey was quite good and traffic wasn’t too much of an issue on the motorway – although the fog was a little worrying. Then an early night in preparation for today’s physical challenges.


The first part of the challenge was to run the #DelamereSantaDash – 5km around the forest and up & down a few hills for good measure. It would be three of us doing this – myself, Charlotte & Wendy – another new running buddy joining us.


Trying to do something different on this run, for some strange reason I decided to run it ‘Backwards’ and see if I could manage to do a fair time too. (Not knowing the course wasn’t a help, as I found out going up & down the hills backwards. That really did work the leg muscles.)


The three of us did really well and completed the course in sub38mins (approx) and to be honest, I was glad it was over – never knew how hard it was running backwards. We received a GIMMEE – Yeah!!! a small sapling tree & a mince pie once we crossed the finish line.


Then it was home and a quick shower before I did the second part of today’s challenge – Refereeing on the WPL.


The game was going to be quite a fast one today, with both teams looking to get one over the others – the points making the game a challenge. Neither team could afford to lose if they wanted promotion.

In total I ran 11.28km during the game, which was a good effort to be fair. I worked hard to be up with play as much as I could, but the long ball prevented this on occasions. A drop in the temperature became a factor too – trying to keep warm when there isn’t much running goingon is hard, making short sprints more difficult to do regularly.

My #FitBit STEPS for today is 27,000+ Steps so that has also pleased me. Now for my favourite activity – a Hot Lobster Bath to relax and rest my very achy leg muscles. This is well deserved today.



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