Training Diary – Day 667

Yeah!!!   #ParkRunSaturday – the best morning of the week – even if you don’t get to have an extra hour in bed.


A bit different this weekend, last minute changes and people unavailable. Running Buddy No1 ‘Edgie’ wasn’t running today – he had volunteered to be the ‘Time Keeper’ for the park run. No2 running buddy – Charlotte was going to be suffering from alcohol poisoning, after celebrating her birthday last night. My #Pacing duties had to change too, after Sarah failed to turn up due to illness – apparently!!

When we did eventually get to the park run, it was a bit ‘Foggy’ and difficult to see too far ahead – even though we knew the course it would be difficult to be accurate on the pace. Running Buddy No4 ‘Paul’ turned up unexpected, as it was his birthday today too. We decided just to do the run for an extra run being added to our totals – not a fast pace but one that was half decent.


We walked to the start line and were getting our watches sorted, when all of a sudden the runners went off. Ooopppss!!!  We joined in near the back of the group and had to work our way through the mass of slower runners – this took us about half a lap to get into our running pace. (As we past the finish line for the start of the 2nd lap – Edgie & the other volunteers started singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Paul – so we walked past them and gave them a giggle.)

For the remainder of the course we kept the pace going but couldn’t really judge how we were doing – the fog definitely created a strange quiet & eerie feeling whilst running. We completed the run feeling extremely warm – more humid than hot. I actually felt that it was a lot more difficult than usual.

Then we checked our watches to see how we had done. Expecting a sub29mins pace, we were both surprised to record 26mins 12secs, without really pushing as much as we thought. Clearly our lack of being able to judge time & distance for the pace had a big influence on the finishing times.



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