Training Diary – Day 665

Bit of a strange day for me today – visit to the hospital for an allergy test and hopefully to sort out any future severe reactions. Wasn’t very pleasant being ‘infected’ deliberately to get a reaction – very much a discomfort and requirement to scratch/itch the areas with the reactions. Then to wait about an hour to confirm the reaction; which occurred within 15 seconds, without being able to ease the discomfort. Once it was confirmed by the Consultant, it was on to the next part and a visit to the ‘Vampire Department’ to have a blood test.

The initial results indicate a reaction to ‘Cats’ & ‘Grass’ ….  (No more gardening for me then – lol), but I have to wait for the results of the blood test to show if the antibodies are present. Then on to the next step of taking ‘Precautionary Measures’ for the future.

After a bit of a chill and some food it was time for our Club Run around the ‘Loops’  – my favourite session of the week.


Getting over the local main bridge was a nightmare with severe traffic jams causing big delays for everyone. My running buddy – Edgie & I, only just got to the Club run with seconds to spare. The group were just about to set off as we pulled into the carpark.

The route we took was a shorter loop version to the usual one but that didn’t matter, as we extended the route into a detour, to include some extra hills to compensate for the shortening. I love doing the hills and challenging myself with an increased pace up them – the rain didn’t matter tonight as we all got soaked within a few minutes anyway. The total distance tonight, including mustering back was just 7km in a time of sub40mins.

On medical advice from today, I didn’t go on my usual run – I did a gentle jog instead. That way I couldn’t get in trouble for going against the Consultant’s advice. My #FitBit STEPS for today are again over 24,000+ Steps and I’m pleased with that too.




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