Training Diary – Day 663

Aches, pains & stiffness are the issues today – left ankle isn’t playing fair. Spent most of the day on my feet, PE & Christmas production rehearsals meant not much chance for a rest. That won’t stop me doing a training run tonight though.


A little pain never killed anyone, so the painkiller tablet eased away the problem for an hour or two. That’s all I needed to get the run completed before putting my feet up again.

Charlotte’s turn for her buddy running tonight – although a little later than usual. But still put the effort in to complete the run. For her, 5km runs are too easy now, so it is increasing her distances regularly now – minimum of 6km is the order of her runs. The distance comes down to where about we are when she starts to slow down, then we add a bit more.


The route we followed this time was mainly down hill on the outward part of the run, but also up hill on the return leg. I do try to convince her that we do less hills on the way back – not!!  To be fair, we regularly run passed my home on the return leg (but I add an extra distance as a form of motivation/demoraliser) and she never complains now.  She has earned her rest day tomorrow and will need it for our ‘Loops’ run on Thursday Night – her first Club Run Session.

My #FitBit STEPS total for today is 24,000+ steps.


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