Training Diary – Day 662

After a much needed ‘Rest Day’ yesterday – I went out for a little jog with my training buddy ‘Edgie’ the machine!!!

A bit of drizzle rain wasn’t going to stop us from going out, nor the stiffness in my left ankle from Thursday night’s run. A simple trip/slip giving me too much trouble is not what I want right now – it’s only a sprain!!


Our route tonight was a bit more of a hill & struggle than the usual routes – focusing just on the constant rise & fall around the main hill. Running up the hills wasn’t a problem and I enjoy doing this. However, it is the running down that is causing me discomfort in my ankle and the pain gets worse the longer the descent. As the picture shows, we managed 7km+ in sub45mins tonight – not particularly fast but still made to work hard doing it.


Chuckle Brother Jnr – Edgie, was determined to make me work hard & suffer over the last 500m or so. We usually increase the pace and finish with a sprint – which I mostly win. But not tonight!!! Edgie was like a machine – just got faster & faster – beating me by about 5m and he well deserved it. I was shattered, hot, wet and had aching ankles – but that is no excuse. (I noticed the sneaky little smirk on his face and knew he was also pleased with his efforts.)

On a funny side note – we have realised that for most of our running, we usually wear similar tops/kit. An image of a movie – Heartbreak Ridge, comes to mind and we have a giggle about it. It isn’t planned and we just wear whatever – #FunnyAsHell.





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