Training Diary – Day 660

Yeah – #ParkrunSaturday !!!!


Today was going to be another #ParkrunTourist trip with my running buddy ‘Edgie’ – we do this every so often, visit a different parkrun in another area. Today was going to be the first parkrun for #KnowsleyParkRun – so it was a chance to experience a new course.


It was a good course too – being 2 x 2.5km laps in distance and the laps having a mixture of terrains; Grass, Paths, Road and of course the lovely twist of a few hills. (The main hill was around the 1.5km distance and just towards the end of each lap.)


Several other members of the Widnes Running Club also attended and we gave a good showing for ourselves & the Club – with the guys finishing 2nd, 3rd & 4th and other positions too.


On a personal note, today was a little tougher than I expected – not because of the amount of running I had completed this week so far, but due to a twist/sprain of my left ankle from Thursday’s ‘Loops’ run – after slipping/tripping on a pathway. It felt sore today doing the hills section so I took it easier than I would have done normally.

‘Edgie’ turned out being my pacer today, staying just slightly ahead of me all the way round. When it came to going up the hill sections, my ankle was feeling fine but it was the descending that caused pain. Without him being there for support, I’m sure I’d have dropped out after the first lap, simple as that. (I’m glad I didn’t though and recorded a 27mins 37secs time today – with a minor injury.)

For the rest of today it will be an opportunity to rest & Ice my ankle and see if it is just a minor one. All being well I will test it tomorrow on a gentle jog and then assess it again. Either way if I can’t go for a run for a few days, then I will just go the gym or on the static bike and do some other cardio work.



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