Training Diary – Day 659


After a long and tedious day, doing naff stuff and getting even worse results, it was time for yet another #FunRun – well every run is fun for me, unless I’m not enjoying it!!!

Tonight it was just a little recovery run with two of my running buddies – Edgie & Charlotte, so we can get ready for tomorrow’s #Parkrun.


(They were smiling before we set off tonight – but little did they realise I had an ‘Evil Plan’ in mind.) I asked Charlotte what route she wanted to do and she said a new route would be good – Edgie said with a little added to the end? OOOOPPPP!!!   That was a mistake to give me that option. So instead of doing just the 5km run I was going to just add extra.

Now what made this much more fun for me was the rule I introduced. No Swearing or use of profanities during the run. I wasn’t going to start counting the number of time ‘They’ used inappropriate words directed at me – so I added an extra 100m for each time they did. (Ok so you do the maths – plan was 5km + 1 x profanity = 100m added all the way up to almost 10km …   The pair of them need to wash their mouths out with soap!!!


To be fair; in less than 8 weeks Charlotte has done the C210k and running at sub85mins too. That in itself is no mean feat – she has come a long way in a very short time. Her target was to be able to do 10km by May 2017 – that was never going to happen at that rate. I knew she was going to do it before the end of 2016 – but even surprised me at how soon she has done it.



So now it will be a review of her targets and entering her into an event in early 2017 – start her ‘Bling’ collection off early. A big thanks to Edgie tonight too for his entertainment and encouragement too – he knew what I had in store for her tonight, as he has done similar courses with me.

Now it is a chill for tonight and then #ParkRun tomorrow – trying a different course too.


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