Training Diary – Day 658

Wanted to do a 2nd Club Run tonight – my favourite route too. The ‘Loops’ which is really enjoyable to do – long flat straights and a lovely gradual hill to inflict a bit of a battle with your legs if you try to increase the pace.

It was time for the ‘Chuckle Brothers’ to have some fun on the run. Both Edgie & I just go for a run and inflict ‘Fun’ on the others with us. Tonight was going to be no different and it started with Christmas Carols being sung – well ‘Croaked’ by Edgie …. The Steady group runners – about 13 of us just got on with doing our own thing. Kerry, Run Leader, was fab – she just ignored us or told us to increase the pace & then muster back – think that actually meant run off and give us a break for a while and then come back.

Unfortunately a few of the others got caught in the cross-fire; Mick, Duncan & 2 of the Ladies had to increase their pace too – Jim, Liam, Jan & Rita just ignored us and carried on with Kerry & 2 other Ladies. The end of the first lap saw a few of us blowing hard – a fairly fast pace for our little steady group. A couple of mustering points enabled us to keep the pace reasonably good.


Unfortunately the 2nd lap was delayed for Duncan & I – due to a ‘Toilet Break’ for Edgie, a very long one of 10mins or so. We both waited for him whilst the others doing the 2nd lap went off into the distance. (We hadn’t expected such a time delay.) Eventually he rejoined us and it was time for the 3 of us to try and catch the rest of the group up – was hard but we managed – near to McDonalds.

When we reached the end of the lap, it was a relief for me to finish – having increased my pace significantly to catch up the leading group before the end – last 1km time was 4mins37secs, a significant increase in my speed to finish with. In total tonight, I completed the 2 laps and with mustering did a distance of 8km in sub45mins – which was a pleasant surprise.

Three runs this weeks – 8km, 9km & 8km. All of which were a faster pace than usual.

My #FitBit STEPS for Today was 25,000+ Steps again.


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