Training Diary – Day 657

Tonight was a Club Run – a Night Trail to a local landmark called ‘The Dream’. About 27 of us had the same idea of doing the session – HV Vests, Head Lights & flashing Armbands a requirement in the dark. I wasn’t aware of the route, other than to say that I knew whatever route we took it would involve a steep hill to climb to get to the statue. (It looks out across the Manchester & Liverpool areas and you can see for miles; even further if you follow the line of the motorway along side the trail.)

We more or less split ourselves into our own ability groups during the out journey, keeping a steady pace going all around. I was with Duncan, Hilary, Lisa and a couple of others – all of a similar pace. We mustered at regular intervals; which were much needed at times, enabling us to work together again over the next distance to be covered.


Then it was time for the gentle climb up the hill to the statue – only a short climb though – Yeah Right!!! Both Duncan & I kept together whilst running up the hill; he had experiences the route previously and said to ease up a little bit or we would end up walking the last part of it. So we did, eased up and managed to get to the top fairly comfortably – blowing my lungs out more like!!!  (I am in the picture above, somewhere – knackered.)

The return route was much more enjoyable – mainly going down hill at the beginning, continuing reasonably flat for the majority of the rest of the route. To be honest, in the darkness and running through the pathways around the farms – I had absolutely no idea where I was or which way to go; I just followed the faster group in front of me and tried to keep them in sight all the way back.

In total; according to my GARMIN, I completed just shy of 9km in sub51mins – but that was straight running and no mustering back for me – although I did take an opportunity or two to recover a little at the muster points. (I still felt that I had worked a lot harder tonight than I had previously.)

For the rest of the evening, I have chilled before I go to bed – preparing for tomorrow night’s next Club Run and my favourite one – ‘The Loops’ ….

#FitBit STEPS for today have reached 25,000+ STEPS and I can feel it in my legs this week.


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