Training Diary – Day 655

A totally ‘No Exercise – Rest Day’ yesterday and it nearly killed me too. Trying not to even do my minimum 10,000 STEPS on my #FitBit was just as much a challenge, as doing 20,000+STEPS. But I managed not to – only just though!!


So tonight it was a chance to get some of that pent-up frustration out of my system with a gentle road run with my running buddy ‘Charlotte’. We went on her usual Monday Night run – the 5km version ….   or so she thought!!!

The temperature dropped significantly by the time we set off on he run. I told her the distance would only be 5 tonight, due to the roads/pathways being frosted over more than I had planned for. Oh I forgot to put a unit of measurement on the end of the 5 – not km or miles, so I felt that gave me an option to increase her distance too.


Her determination & effort is becoming her most important assets when she is running – never failing to amaze me by how she still manages to smile afterwards. (Although I think I may have to start introducing a ‘Swear Box’ for during the runs.) Tonight was her longest run ever – a total of 8km in sub66mins. Not bad considering 7 weeks ago she had ran 0km and now is easily on 8km – well impressed.

#FitBit recorded 24,000+STEPS for me today – just keeping my total ticking over still. A gentle recovery run for me from last week’s efforts so the start of another week of training begins.


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