Training Diary – Day 653

Yeah – #ParkRunSaturday !!!   And I nearly missed it too – overslept a little but still managed to get there on time.


Today I was ‘Running Buddy less’ as they were all doing other things and had left me alone, not caring about how I would feel running on my own – awwwww!!!

But that wasn’t going to phase me in the slightest – I had made a contingency plan, another runner would benefit from my presence – Jan Swales. I was going to pace her to a New PB – whether she liked it or not. She had told me her previous best was 29mins05secs and I knew she would be beating that today – not problem.

On meeting up with Jan at the bandstand, she informed me she had a few niggles, aches pains – yeah right as if that was going to stop us today. Then she also identified her consumption of several glasses of wine last night too. (That was a mistake !!) I told her our target pace of 5mins48secs per km and that she had to keep next to me if she was serious about getting the New PB today.

To be fair she didn’t drop too far behind on the hill part, but I still had to slow down a little to get her to catch up, then increased the pace again. All the way round I was giving her time/pace updates and motivating her to go a little faster – giving her indications of how close she was to her previous PB time and that it was going to be down to her to push the last lap and beat it.

As we entered the last 500m I told her that we had slowed down a few seconds below the target time and that an increase was necessary – giving her a final 150m sprint to get back those lost seconds. Crossing the finish line I was pleased to see that Jan couldn’t have given anymore than she had done – hearing her say ‘I’m going to be sick’ as she finished. I gave her a look of sadness, indicating she may not have achieved it – her look of disappointment started to grow across her face, as she tried to work out how close she had been.

In reality, Jan need not have worried – I was giving her payback for drinking the night before a New PB attempt. Her time according to my GARMIN was 27mins43secs – a fantastic New PB by knocking off 1mins22secs – when I showed her the time she looked shocked and totally amazed by the time. Her efforts had paid off and I congratulated her and started to share her time with other Club Members …   She was so impressed with herself. Next target will be an alcohol free sub27mins – an easily achievable time.

For me, I was just having a bit of fun, helping a Club Member and wearing my latest running t-shirt. Well you will get the message from reading it on the shirt.


For the rest of today, I will be relaxing and watching the sport on TV. Then prepare for another run tomorrow and start all over again for next week – #RunningIsFun



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