Training Diary – Day 652

Running Buddy Time tonight …


We just love going out and causing chaos on our runs. After a busy day again, some stressing activities and then a bit of a traffic problem on the way home, it was time to go and burn up the extra frustrations that had been stored up today. The ‘Chuckle Brothers’ went out and had some fun on our run.


We are wearing our new Running Club Buffs for the first time – but not so sure that we have them right – seems quite dangerous to run in like this … But it might just be that we aren’t use to them yet!!!


Despite our usual conversation prior to setting off on our run, we didn’t stick to the agreed route or pace – another bit of a #RunForestRun again tonight. Just shy of 6km recovery run in sub34mins so it was not really a gentle jog as expected ….

It turned out to be a warm night for running too – wearing this buff as a hat definitely kept the heat in and gave a good sweat to the run. Made up with the end results and with my running buddy ‘Edgie’ increasing the pace over the last half km to have a bit of a sprint to finish.

Today’s #FitBit STEPS is over 21000+ so keeping the challenge going there too.

An early night tonight and then up for the challenge of #ParkRun in the morning.



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