Training Diary – Day 651


Widnes Club Run tonight, my favourite route too – the ‘Loops’ and the ‘Hill’. Yeah!!!  After a long day at school, multiple thinks going on at the same time and the pressure being ramped up – a pleasant destressing run was in order.


As usual there is always an issue when it comes to getting to the Club Run on Thursday nights. Tonight was no different – with traffic chaos on the Bridge causing delays. To get round this I set off even earlier to make sure I got there.

It was the ‘Loop’ group run for me and about 7 others – a steady gang of runners that meant it would stay fairly close together. We only managed to do 2 loops, due to time constraints but it was still a fun evening’s run.


Despite the steady pace and with the mustering back, I still managed to complete 8km in sub48mins and it felt really comfortable – more of a recovery run tonight. Tomorrow will be another chance for a slightly faster run I think.

#FitBit STEPS – 25,000+ for today so was pleased with that too.



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