Training Diary – Day 647


After a lovely extra hour in bed this morning, it was time to get up and prepare for another training run around the local are, with my running buddy ‘Edgie.’ We decided just to do a #RunForestRun type of gentle job – run and see where it takes us sort of thing.


The course was fairly flat in the main, but had a few lingering hills over the final few km – not a problem at our steady pace but still an effort to run up them. The gentle approach to the run, more of a recovery, meant that the temperature was not a big factor – although chilly, it was still warm enough to get a sweat on whilst running. Our total distance was 9.3km in sub54mins for this one – good easy pace to finish the  week off with.

For the both of us today, we enjoyed going out and running the stiffness out of our legs – mainly because of the temperatures oft this week being low and also because we have trained pretty hard for events over the last 4-6weeks. Other than a local #SantaDash in the next 10days or so, we don’t have any more events booked in for the end of this year.

Looks like the Winter months of training are going to be hard and cold, with our next big targets being in January 2017.


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