Training Diary – Day 646


Yeah up early and prepared for the usual Saturday morning #Parkrun at Widnes – love going to this weekly event for a gentle jog. Or so I thought!!!  Then the notification came on my phone ‘Park Run is cancelled today due to the weather conditions’ ….  Arrrgggghhh!!!! Always the way when you are looking forward to something good.

However, seen as I was up, ready and rearing to go – plus my running buddy, Charlotte, knocked for a lift over – we decided to go for our own local run rather than waste the opportunity. To be fair, the decision was correct, as the roads/paths around my area were quite frosted and slippery.

Wrapped up warm and with an agreed route & distance, off we went to start the run – taking it fairly cautiously until we got use to the conditions. (It was quite surprising to see other fellow runners out doing the exact same thing, obviously taking into consideration the conditions too.)


Our route was the exact same route as last night’s run with ‘Edgie’ as we knew the parts of the course that we had to be careful running along. For Charlotte the distance would be slightly longer (about 0.4km) but would have a few more hills in it. That was going to be her challenge today – time wasn’t important, just completing the route.

Despite the conditions under foot, the chilly temperature and the inclusion of the hills over the slightly longer distance, I would say her time would have been another PB for the 5km distance. Charlotte’s pace was steady and she completed today’s run of 5.4km in 40mins 19secs and she said she felt good afterwards.

So for the rest of today I am going to get sorted for work next week, rather than doing it tomorrow. Have planned a longer run with ‘Edgie’ tomorrow morning – weather permitting  to keep up the miles/km for this week.



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