Training Diary – Day 645


Had this bright idea earlier on today – to go for a pleasant evening run again tonight….  Why do I have these thoughts? So it was time to get my running buddy ‘Edgie’ out of his warm house and on to the run with me.

We eventually decided on a short route, with plenty of street lights to show our HV tops and flashing red light armbands. It wasn’t such a bad route but the problem for us was the icy roads & paths – really dodgy under feet. This caused us to just take the speed out of the run, ensuring we didn’t get an injury – the 5.4km distance was completed in a reasonable sub34mins pace.


Back at home it was time for the ‘Chuckle Brothers’ to thaw out – really was freezing and it felt like ‘RoboCop’ on the joints.


Tomorrow hopefully will be a lot warmer and less slippery under foot for the #ParkRun…..




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