Training Diary – Day 644


Yeah!!!  Club running session tonight with the main man running buddy ‘Edgie’ …  and a few other members. But where to run; which group to join; pace or just have fun? These are the questions we posed before we got to the meeting point.


The members present divided into different groups and routes, thought we would do my favourite ‘Loops’ route but Claire (Yabba) Aberdeen took us on a tour of the wider area and to places that had a few inclines to challenge us. (#LovedIt)


Our group took a steady pace throughout the whole course, with several opportunities to muster back and add extra distance to our own session. Edgie & I, as usual had lots of fun varying the pace for the others – amazing how much you enjoy a run when you have fun….

To finish off the last 2km we increased the pace so to try and catch some of the other members, that had taken a different route, aiming to do it before the last muster point. With an approximate 700m lead to overcome, the pace increased significantly and we soon caught the tail-enders of the other group. It was a little harder to catch their front-runner – Penny Worthington, but both Edgie & I did so about 100m from the muster point. (That meant our last 1km was sub 4mins 30secs ….  well pleased.)

My total time and distance for tonight’s session was a steady 9km in sub54mins and 25,000+STEPS for the day on my #Fitbit.



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