Training Diary – Day 642

Sometimes it’s just best to ‘Vent’ and then ‘Move On’ ….   even though it was difficult to do. The 10k event on Sunday is best left as an experience not to be repeated. Protest was lodged and in the process of being rectified.


So the plan for last night’s training was to just go out and have a ‘Blow-Out’ run around the local hills – I say that was the plan, but as usual things don’t always go to plan. (Thanks to Storm Angus coming and basically flooding the area and causing chaos.) Forced ‘Rest Day’ strikes again!!


Tonight it is much drier and less windy – but still chilly. But this did not prevent a training run and a little bit of frustration release. Road-Running-Races-1

There isn’t anything better than just going out and running to nowhere special – just like #ForestGump #RunForestRun. Pacing tonight for Charlotte again, trying to increase her speed and aiming for another improved time. The rain started just after we set off so it was a matter of continuing and completing her distance.


It is amazing what a little confidence can do for you when you start to enjoy running – another fast time for her, knocking off 90secs+ from her previous best time. Now she can run 5.15km in 36mins 36secs without stopping in only 4 weeks of training. That was her 6th x 5km+run and 1 x 7.5km run. Great progress in such a short period of time – well impressed. Now talking about entering her into a 10km run in the New Year ….



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