Training Diary – Day 639


Yeah it is #ParkRunSaturday and another session as a PACER for the morning jog. I had volunteered to do some group pacing for this morning, at 38mins and basically just motivate & encourage the C25K runners along the way. Unfortunately my running buddies – Edgie, Paul & Charlotte where all absent from today’s run, so I went over and met up with the other #WidnesRunningClub members.


Despite pacing at 38mins time, it was evident from the pace of the group that they did not want to go at that pace – actually faster. So who am I to argue with them, as it was their event and I was just there to give them earache through my constant chatting. In the group, we had about 5 runners – all Ladies; Lesley, Emma, Julie, Kate & Beka (I think?) – with Hilary also as a Club Runner too. Slowly at first, we did the first lap and saw the challenges we had to face around the course – water, sleet & wet leaves to mention a few. Hilary & Beka found the pace a little easy and went off into the distance to complete the run. The other Ladies kept at my quicker than 38mins pace and we stayed together for the majority of the next 1.5 laps. Lise & Emma managed to save some energy and I encouraged them to run the last 1/2 lap much faster, quickly heading off in to the distance.

By this time the other runners in the group had increased with 2 more Ladies and a male runner – sorry didn’t manage to get your names. This was the group to complete the run with – lots of encouragement and a great sprint finish by Kate at the end. In total we managed to get all 8 runners sub38mins. (The times ranged from sub32mins through to sub38mins and included all of the Ladies achieving a New PB each – some knocked off several minutes off their previous time.) To say they all had a smile on their face would be an understatement – if you ignore the unfavourable remarks during the run.

Afterwards it was time for me to go and have a Sports Massage in preparation for my next running event – TATTON 10k tomorrow morning. I have been trying to get the massage for a number of weeks but have struggled. (Thanks to Mark McGrath for sorting it out for me.) The pain & pleasure of the massage was fantastic – releasing all the tightness & stiffness from my legs and feeling fully energised again.

Now it is just about getting sorted again for tomorrow’s event and preparing my Race Number & kit so that I can relax later.


It will be another early morning start and a matter of hanging around the course a little longer than I want to – car parking is going to be an issue and shuts early to ensure the roads being used are closed for safety.


So tomorrow, myself, Edgie & several other #WidnesRunningClub members will be competing in this event – whilst other groups are doing Half Marathons & 10milers. So hopefully we will all have a great day and enjoy the events.



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