Training Diary – Day 639


Nice pleasant gentle Club Run tonight with a good group of other members – lots of fun and plenty of giggles during the 3 lapped circuit.


In total including the mustering back, I completed just shy of 12km in 71mins – doing a steady sub6mins pace. We took turns in being Lead runners and that was fun to do – looking at speeding up/slowing down to break up the rhythm and increase our cardio.

The first lap was steady and just about getting into doing the laps completed. The second lap was slightly quicker – breaking up the gentle rise of the hill into sections so to increase the speed.


The third lap was quicker and there were only 5 of us doing this one. It was good to do this extra lap and I used it to improve my endurance initially and then to increase my speed work over the final 1km or so. It became a matter of increasing my stride length, rather than my leg speed – covering the distance quicker without going any faster. This does reduce my time for the last km.

Finally, my #Fitbit STEPS total for today is currently over 28,000 and still a little time left to increase the total.



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