Training Diary – Day 637


The planned run/training session changed again tonight – instead of Intervals it turned out to be another 7km+ run. The only problem was that I had said going for a steady 5km run.

Charlotte – running buddy, turned up full of energy and eager to get going. I planned the route before she came over and then added an extra half-distance without telling her. Her furthest distance to date has been just the 5km runs we do. But not tonight, I knew she could do more and it was going to be her challenge – without her actually knowing – lol. In total Charlotte managed to do 7.2km in sub59mins – her best distance and her longest without stopping. A Big well done to her efforts tonight.

For me, it was my 2nd run in 2 days and the start of my build up for the weekend’s 10km at Tatton Park. Another event, another challenge and another ‘GIMMEE’…..


Saw this tonight and thought about it. My answer would be simple “Why Not Run?”



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