Training Diary – Day 634


Today was the first of 2 of the 10km events I’ve entered – Cheshire10km at Arley Hall. It was going to be an early start because we had to pick up our Race Numbers at the event. That would mean a long queue and car parking issues no doubt. On top of that, the weather was extremely wet, muddy and cold for all involved – with parts of the road route being water-logged or flooded slightly.


This was my First Club Run as a member of #WRC and I was wearing the running vest too. The club had about 15+ members running in the event and we just went to have fun & produce good times – I think we definitely achieved both too.


A few of us even managed to get a ‘Selfie’ before the start and the giggles & banter was flowing fast and furiously. We entertained many other runners around us and improved the atmosphere of the event at the same time.

During the run, we split off into our own little groups – depending on the time you wanted to aim for. Most of us looking to get a New PB – which many of us did achieve. I stayed and paced for my training buddy – Edgie, in an attempt to get a good time. I managed to complete the 10km in 54mins and felt the pace was comfortable – Edgie was a few seconds behind me at the end after he told me to do a fast finish.


This is a group shot of those of us that had finished and just about to go and support the other finishers.


We got to the end of the race and took this photo too.


All of our efforts resulted in this medal and another training T-Shirt to show off in. The day was a good one for the Club – Brilliant effort by all, Great times/New PBs and an excellent Atmosphere promoting the Club in the event.

Roll on Next weekend and the other events our club members are involved in.


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