Training Diary – Day 632


Another night out doing a road run – pacing again for #Charlotte, new running buddy. This will be her 2nd 5km+ run in 3 days and she is getting much better and motivated to do them.

For me it is the 4th run in 4 days this week – the first without it raining too!! So back out and just doing a gentle jog for me but having Charlotte working hard again. Her effort was just as good, but she said she felt a little tired before we started. It didn’t stop her trying and well done to her completing the run in a time of 37mins 12secs, her 2nd fastest time too.

As for me, tonight’s run was a bit of a recovery run, after the trail run with the Club last night – mud, water, wind & chilly feet  – it was good to have an easier training session.

Flashing armbands like a Christmas Tree – plus my HV Jacket make it easy for me to be seen. The plan for tomorrow night is to have a rest day and prepare for the #Cheshire10k event on Saturday morning.


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