Training Diary – Day 631

Oh what a lovely evening to go out for a Night Run – in the wet, windy, chilly & muddy trail.

But what’s a little bit of adverse weather between friends & fellow runners!!!  Are training run tonight was a trail run between two landmarks in the Widnes area – Spike Island to Pickering’s Pasture and back …..  With the Mustering back I completed 8.11km in 47mins and found the pace just right tonight, not bothered so much about the time as it was just a run out before our 10km event on Saturday.


As you can see, Neil my running buddy & I are well dressed for the occasion – head lamps on and the reflective jackets to make sure we are seen.


In this picture, is Greg (Sicknote) & I after we had finished the run – just starting to get the chills from sweating. We had a giggle towards the end, challenging each other to run a little faster to the finish line.

These just show the conditions and our group of determined runners as we are out on the trail – some brave folk running in shorts too.



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