Training Diary – Day 630

A couple of late nights meant no training so it was a must tonight that I went out for a short run – in the cold & rain.


It was a late run but one that I was going to enjoy, despite the conditions. I would have my new running buddy – Charlotte Ryan with me tonight, her 4th run in 3 weeks, since she started running again after a few years recovering from injury. Both of us finished work late so it had to be a night run – otherwise we would not go for one.

Charlotte is just getting to grips with her running the 5km distance, looking to complete each run without walking first and foremost – then recording a time. Her previous 3 x 5km runs have been 39mins, 38mins & 37mins – but not in that order.) So tonight it was our intention to just complete the distance without stopping.

(Yeah Right!!!)

A steady pace for her of 7mins30secs per km should enable her to complete the distance a little faster than her previous best of 37mins and she knew I was going to do something unexpected for her. Her time tonight was best than I had even planned and she completed the 5.15km course in 36mins20secs.


Not only had she ran faster, she also ran a little further too. I’m beginning to enjoy doing this ‘PACER’ job for other runners. Tomorrow is a night run for me & another running buddy – Edgie. We are joining our other Club Runners using our Head Lamps – lol.


This coming weekend is another event for us – the Cheshire 10km with several Club Members doing it with us too.



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