Training Diary – Day 627

#ParkRun – yeah it’s Saturday and that means Park Run Day.


Today our Running Club was taking over and organising the run, volunteers & pacers for the course and we where out in force.


I was driving today and it meant my running buddy ‘Edgie’ and our new running buddy ‘Charlotte Ryan’ also coming over and joining in. Edgie was pacing at 33mins and I was pacing at 38mins – whilst Charlotte was just intending to run to her own targets.

All the pacers had Club colour balloons & times attached – giving the runners an opportunity to focus on their own times. (I also had my RED Balloons attached.)

The run was one big giggle and saw loads of new people out doing their best to complete the course – lots of smiles, chatting, laughter and more importantly FUN was evident. Plenty of achievements of varying degrees were met, lots of happy (or was it relief) faces at the end. A great effort by everyone involved today – runners, volunteers, pacers, organisers & spectators as well.

To me, today just demonstrated what #ParRun is about – running, socialising, learning and having fun.

Well done Charlotte for achieving her targets today – New Targets will be set. Well done to Edgie for keeping to his pace – which isn’t easy if you don’t pace for others. And well done to the group of runners that worked hard to run at my pacing – first time I’ve had a group of Ladies chasing after me without being forced…..  lol.


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