Training Diary – Day 625

Went and had a few days to chill – staying over in a hotel as an extra incentive to enjoy my break from life.


So today was back to the real world, and a long drawn-out journey back with traffic problems. I needed to get some of the frustration out of my system, after such a wonderful few days. I know – time for a run!!! But who could I entice into going running with me? Then up stepped Charlotte Ryan, a new runner looking to build her endurance. Arrangements made and distance agreed – 3km for her.


As we where doing the course, I was giving Charlotte a verbal account of her distances covered and how well she was doing for her 2nd run in a long time. Unfortunately for Charlotte, I fibbed a little bit about the distance she had covered. Instead of the 3kms I told her we would be doing, I actually increased the distance to 5.13km in total – just because she was doing so well – plus she didn’t know the route we had taken.

In the last few years, Charlotte has not managed to do any running – due to injuries and only did her first parkrun 2 weeks ago – the 5km in 39mins47secs. So tonight’s run was always going to be an improvement for her….   She completed a slightly longer course in 37mins 19secs – knocking off 2mins 28secs on her 2nd run. Really impressed with her efforts and the fact she didn’t use any naughty words during the run.


Never give up until you finish.

Now she know’s she can do it – it is time to step up her progress and look for more New PBs….



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