Training Diary – Day 623


After a good night’s sleep, due to no noise coming from the numpty next door – doing early morning DIY/Builders in, I woke up with a renewed approach to doing a longer run today with my training buddy ‘Edgie’.

Not saying we are starting to look like each other (Me & Mini-Me) but for the second day in a row, Edgie has turned up wearing the same coloured running kit as I was – strange seen as we both have many different training kits – lol. Today it was a ‘Blue Kit’ day….

After a chat about the route we where going to do and the pace to try and keep to, we set off and focused on slowing our pace down to 6mins per km – mainly because we are both going to do pacing at the weekend, but at different timings. (Edgie is the 32mins pacer for the parkrun and I am going to be the 38mins pacer. These are really slow times for us both but it is not about us, but about getting the other runners through the 5km distance happy.) So today we did try – and FAILED … to slow right down. Struggled to go slower than 6mins per km.


We did our run – as 9.33km distance in 55mins 11secs, which to be fair isn’t such a bad time  – still sub 6mins per km, but a little challenge to keep going that slow.


Edgie’s route did include some gentle-ish hills and we had to work to keep the pace steady overall. (On a different note – the pace was still sub 2hrs 6mins for our Half Marathon training, even without trying to speed up. Our splits where as follows:

1km – 6.07mins  2km – 6.02mins  3km – 6.09mins  4km – 6.02mins  5km – 6.05mins

6km – 6.14mins  7km – 6.11mins  8km – 5.51mins 9km – 5.41mins    0.33km – 1.45mins

So now it is time for me to chill tonight and plan my next few days adventure ….  an exciting one that is going to make me so please.


Oh yes … nearly forgot about some more events that I have entered too – 2 x 10km runs in the next 18 days, a Santa Dash – all in the next 4 weeks and on top of my usual training. Then in the New Year 2 x Half Marathons & a Mad Dog event all fairly quick into 2017.


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