Training Diary – Day 622


At last an opportunity to do some proper training during the half term holidays – usual routine for me is to try for 3 training sessions a day. So today I am aiming to do just that.

Session One:


I wanted to get off to a good start, putting a lot of effort in to working hard for this session. I enjoy doing this challenge, the Static Bike Hill Climbing 60mins Challenge. Usually 50km+ so I was going to aim higher doing this. On Level 7 of the resistance, I managed to complete 52km+ today – coming off with a little bit of ‘Jelly Legs’ and most definitely a sweat on. I would say that I achieved my aim for this session.

Session Two:


After a few hours rest and some lunch, it was time to go for a Road Run with my training buddy ‘Edgie’ – he was also dressed the same as me, we looked a right pair of evil twins!!! Our run today was going to be a local route, but not too far today – we completed 7km+ in 42mins and that was a hard pace to keep going. Not as fast as we usually do, but for some  reason today the temperature was warm and humid – making the pace difficult to increased. I even drank 2 bottles of water to rehydrate afterwards too.

Session Three:

About 45mins after finishing Session Two I was on my way back to the gym for the next session. This was broken down into 3 main parts; Warm up – Run – Weights.


The Warm Up was much harder than I would usually do – deliberately!! I set the Static Bike Hill Climbing Challenge to ‘SPRINT’ Mode – completing 8.80km in the 10mins period. That was more than a warm up but I really enjoyed the battle to keep the tempo going.


Then it was out Road Running again with another training buddy – Derek, I usually pace him around the routes we do so I knew it wasn’t going to be too fast a pace. We did out small hills route tonight, not my decision – would have gone on a flat route, covering a 5km distance in 32mins – again not a bad pace either.

To finish off I did some Upper Body Weights – just to make a change. Most of the weights focused on my biceps and multi-reps to tire the muscles out. I can honestly say that after today’s sessions I will have agreat night’s sleep and look forward to the challenges tomorrow.

My #Fitbit STEPS shows that I completed more than 25,000 STEPS during the training sessions.



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