Training Diary – Day 620

As usual, the week before half-term is always a nightmare; late night parent meetings, progress meetings, catch-up marking etc …. This week was no different and meant that I missed a whole week’s training. But hey-ho today is #ParkRunSaturday


I had agreed again to be a ‘Pacer’ for Hilary & Lisa – aiming to improve their own PB to around 25mins for the 5km. Set myself up to cater for them and this time which would also be pushing close to my own PB – so I prepared myself for a sub25mins time. Unfortunately, both Ladies could not run today – due to illness and I was at a bit of a loss as to whether to run for a time myself or just turn up and see if anyone else wanted a pacer.


Up stepped Laura Dyer, she wanted to run the #ParkRun again after a few weeks off and focus on gaining a time. I volunteered to pace Laura and asked her a target time she aimed for. A sub30mins is her long-term goal, but over the next few weeks she is looking to get a lot closer to it. For a first attempt today, I was impressed at her efforts & the fighting of her ‘Monsters’ as she battled through the pain barrier – Well Done. As her pacer today I take the blame for setting off too fast and missing her target for today – we can try again anytime she feels she is ready. (I sent her the 1km splits so she can look at targeting her pace at different distances.)

Now I am off for 10days I will be looking to increase my running distances this week and to hopefully be able to run a couple of fast (for me) 10kms – ready for the 2 events coming up over the next 3 weeks.



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