Training Diary – Day 613


Don’t you just love #ParkRunSaturdays – best day of the weekend. After missing last weekend’s park run because I was involved in the Hell Up North event, today was a pleasure to get back into it.

However, I had a problem of no running buddy this week, as everyone I usually run with had other commitments – work, races, rest days etc …. So I decided that I would volunteer to do some ‘Pacing’ for other runners that wanted one. I was looking for a bit of an easier pace than my normal one today, having worked hard on my previous runs this week – a sort of recovery type of run.


After a chat to Charlotte Ryan, who had not ran for over a year, she agreed to have a go at the #WidnesParkRun today – feeling rather apprehensive about it and concerned about getting injured again. We met up and Charlotte brought her Son, Reece, to also have a go of their first ever park run. I explained how the park run was set out and the laps system they use for the course and it was time to set off – Reece shot off like a whippet and Charlotte and I at a much steadier pace. Both worked really hard to complete the 5km course and finished with a flourish at the end – Charlotte even tried to cheat a little bit by ‘Sprinting Off’ ahead of me in the home straight, without any warning!!

For her first run in such a long time I was impressed by her effort and determination today – completing the distance in 39mins 30secs – as massive well done to her and her Son, Reece, who also completed the distance in 38mins 32secs. Hopefully they will get the running bug and come again in the future.


I am going to spend the rest of today looking at plans for next week’s training – distances and route to run for times. Might even look at booking a sports massage for later in the week.




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