Training Diary – Day 610

Well it was back to the normal routine tonight – Club Running Session, after a rest day yesterday – a total rest day at that too.


It was my first Wednesday Night Session so I was a little unsure of what to expect and which route they would do tonight. The distance wasn’t going to be a problem, as the session is usually around an hour long. My training buddy – Edgie drove us over and we met up, about 17 of us tonight and had a pre-run chat, celebrating the different events we had been involved in over the weekend.


For Edgie & I tonight’s run was more about stretch out the aches & pains in the legs – trying to get a bit more movement and freedom in to loosen the muscles. The course was a little short of 8km tonight, but with ‘Mustering’ back to the others, the distance was a little longer. (Edgie recorded 9.3km in total but I lost the GARMIN link after 8km, so not sure of my total distance.) At least 8km in 47mins for me is alright, for a very slow starting recovery run.

To be fair, once I’d got my legs loosened up I was able to increase my own pace and did a few longer striding spurt with the faster runners as my targets. I felt good during the last 3-4km and wanted to add a little bit more at the end, but we returned to the Starting point a little unexpectedly – seen as I didn’t know the route. Edgie called me a miserable git because I wasn’t my usual chatty self on the run – I just wanted to run and focus on feeling good. So yeah I probably was a bore.

I will see how my legs are feeling tomorrow evening before I decide on going to the Thursday Night Loop Session – which I do enjoy doing because of the hill.


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