Training Diary – Day 608


There a days when you know you really need to have a ‘Rest Day’ and that was yesterday – just to give my body an opportunity to get over the ‘Trauma’ of Hell Up North – and it was a trauma that I will definitely be doing again next year.


But there is only one thing worse than a rest day and that is the first time you go out to do a ‘Light or Recovery’ run … which was tonight!!!  I went out with my Monday training buddy – Derek, and we usually have a steady pace at his level, comfortably for me without being a challenge. Tonight was very different and I felt like I was wearing concrete boots or running through treacle toffee. I was aching so much and found my legs to be so heavy that I was being paced by Derek tonight – he just laughed at me and told me to ‘Man-Up’ and yes he did sound like me too!!

We completed the 5km route in about 32mins and it was all aches & pains through out the whole of it – stiffness in my buttocks, thighs and calves meant I struggled to get any pace at all. Derek was made up because he was giving me the same motivational ‘Abuse’ that I usually give him.

So I have ended the session with a protein shake – vanilla & raspberry followed by my treat of a Hot Lobster Bath. Now I just feel like this:



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